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Svensk Chardonnay-vin eller fransk Champagne i Anslutning till Swedish Black Caviar - February 16th 2021

Swedish Chardonnay wine or French Champagne in connection with Swedish Black Caviar - February 16th 2021

What should I drink with my Swedish Black Caviar?

As suppliers of our premium Småland produced Swedish Black Caviar, customers often ask us for recommendations on what to pair with our exquisite caviar. While Arctic Roe of Scandinavia doesn't claim to be experts in beverages, we can share two recommendations that come highly recommended.

One such recommendation comes from Blaxsta Vingård in Sörmland, Sweden, owned by Göran Amnegård. Göran, a member of the jury at the International Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships, suggests a uniquely curated Champagne specifically tailored to complement our caviar. This Champagne, the Jacques Robin Origine Brut, can be ordered by contacting

One-of-a-kind Champagne

The Jacques Robin Origine Brut is a one-of-a-kind Champagne produced in the traditional method dating back to the early 18th century. Crafted from the rare Arbane Blanc and Pinot Noire grape varieties, this Champagne is aged for approximately 35 years, including oak barrel aging. With its second fermentation in the bottle at a cool temperature, it boasts subtle, delicate bubbles. This Champagne offers a harmonious blend of fresh acidity, hints of gooseberry, ginger, apple, cherry, lime, minerals, and a touch of raisin perfume. The second fermentation is unique as it foregoes adding sugar, instead incorporating a sweet grape concentrate made from Pinot Noire, resulting in a five-year aging process. In 2018, Jaques Robin Origine Brut was awarded Gold in France as the Best Champagne and received a 97-point rating from Parker by Decanter magazine. It's notable that Jaques Robin is a boutique producer with a small, exclusive production of just over 2 hectares.


An alternative

Alternatively, the Blaxsta Chardonnay Barrique 2018 wine, also from Blaxsta, is a great pairing option with our caviar. This 100% Swedish Chardonnay wine offers gentle, fresh notes of gooseberries, cherries, ripe apples, minerals, and a subtle fruity essence that beautifully accentuates the creamy, nutty, and mild saltiness of the caviar.

If you find either of these options intriguing, please reach out to Göran Amnegård for delivery arrangements

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia AB

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