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Arctic Roe of Scandinavia AB ("AROS) on Monday this week had the honor of attending a culinary event of magnitude in Norway. There Guide Michelin, the well-known culinary expert organization, organized the Nordic Stars Award 2020 revealing which restaurants in the Nordic region have been awarded new Guide Michelin stars. The ceremony takes place each year in various Nordic cities. This year Trondheim was hosting the event.

The event was visited by some 600 guests, including many of the leading chefs from famous restaurants in the region.

Guide Michelin each year invites a few suppliers of key food items and beverages suitable and harmonizing with the theme and place of the particular star award event. This year Arctic Roe of Scandinavia with its sustainable sturgeon farm was chosen as supplier of Black Caviar. Hence the hundreds of guests had the opportunity to taste the product of the Nordic region's latest addition to the sturgeon farming sector.

The gala reception took place in hotel Britannia in the center of Trondheim. Various food experiences were offered to the attending guests. Swedish black caviar was served on potato chips.

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia is very pleased and honored to have been invited as sole supplier of Black Caviar to the Nordic Stars Award 2020. We express our gratitude to Guide Michelin and the event organizers. We also hope that this participation by our company can serve the purpose of widening brand awareness and enabling our company to take the first steps out on the export markets this year 2020.

Sustainability factors

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia AB was incorporated in 2015 and is located in the city of Strömsnäsbruk in the province of Småland in Southern Sweden. The company's mission is to produce a sustainable Black Caviar under the strict Swedish regulatory framework. Since the sturgeon is considered an invasive species in Sweden, Arctic Roe must keep its fish inside an abandoned paper mill using a re-circulation aqua system (RAS). We primarily extract caviar via the live-method enabling the fish to give multiple harvests over a long time period. We thereto use water from our own wells and the energy source used for heating the water in the cold part of the year is biofuel. The essence of a re-circulating aqua system is to limit excessive water usage. The features of the RAS construction imply that Arctic Roe each day to more than 99% reuses the water flowing in the fish farm - only a tiny fraction of fresh water is added on a daily basis. Also, the outgoing water is cleaned in several stages and subject to mud separation and sterilization before being released to the local municipal sewage plant.

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