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Sustainably grown Swedish Caviar

Sturgeon roe can be harvested in two main ways. Traditionally, this is done by slaughtering the fish, whereby the fish meat is sold separately. Thereby, only one caviar harvest is obtained per fish. The second way, the fish are milked on their roe without being killed. Arctic Roe milks, ie live harvests, it's fish. We refer to this as Sturgeon Friendly.

This means that each fish is harvested several times, usually with a maturation period of about 2 years between occasions. Individuals can produce less or more often than each other. Arctic Roe has been producing caviar since 2019 and has already had a number of fish that have given their third harvest. Hopefully, 4th time harvesting can soon be documented in Småland. The fish at Arctic Roe are microchipped so the fish keepers can keep track of and name each individual fish.

Multiple harvests from the same fish mean fewer fish need to be in the fish farm. This means a lower load on all systems and thus on nature. Furthermore, it means less transport of the fish.

According to its permits, Arctic Roe must keep its fish indoors in large pools, unlike the majority of industry colleagues in other countries. Indoor farming of sturgeon in Recirculating Aqua Systems (RAS farming) is a significantly more expensive production method than if the fish are in boxes in open watercourses. However, the technology means that more than 99% of the daily water volumes in the pools are recirculated, and the fish's environment is not affected by contamination. 

Arctic Roe must sterilise the outgoing water and separate the sludge. This means that the company more or less has its own municipal treatment plant in its factory.

Finally, Arctic Roe uses its own water. Two deep-drilled wells provide the sturgeons with clean and fine water every day all year round.


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