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About us

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia AB, often abbreviated to "AROS" or "Arctic Roe", is a Swedish fish farming company based in Strömsnäsbruk in southern Småland. The company was founded in 2015, beginning to produce and sell our first caviar cans in 2019 after many years of permitting and construction. The business is conducted in an ex-papermill next to the banks of the river Lagan.

AROS today only produces sturgeon roe from Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser Baerii. As the fish are not slaughtered but milked on their roe, we only sell caviar.

Arctic Roe reports to several authorities, including the Swedish Agency for Agriculture, the County Administrative Board, the Swedish Food Agency and the Environment Department in Markaryd municipality.

The number of owners of Arctic Roe is currently more than 100, with the largest individual owner controlling 10% of capital and votes. The owners are united by an interest in good food, small businesses and innovations. It is not the economy that is at the centre, even if commercial principles apply. If the company does not become profitable, it cannot be operated in the long run. 

In this context, it is very important to point out that Sweden and northern Europe have very far-reaching requirements for sturgeon farmers, including that the business must be conducted indoors without the fishermen coming into contact with open watercourses outside the farm. This means a very expensive, capital- and electricity-intensive operation.

However, this does not apply to competitors, in more southern latitudes in the world. A large part of the sturgeon market is controlled by fish farmers who keep their fish in crates in open water. Arctic Roe thus has a competitive disadvantage in terms of costs, but in return has a more sustainable business model with fish that are not slaughtered, zero emissions to nature, recirculation of all water used and follow-up of the fish on an individual level. Arctic Roe hopes customers will appreciate this.


Lagastiggatan 6
Strömsnäsbruk, 28732



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