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STUDENTS’ NOBEL NIGHTCAP - December 10th 2019

STUDENTS' NOBEL NIGHTCAP - December 10th 2019

Arctic Roe Shines at the Prestigious Students’ Nobel Nightcap Event

A Decade-Long Tradition of Excellence

On Tuesday, December 10th, Arctic Roe had the distinct honor of participating in a momentous event – the Students' Nobel Nightcap. Since 1978, this late-night occasion has been an annual highlight, always coinciding with the day of the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony.

A Night of Celebrations with Nobel Laureates

As the evening transitioned into night, thousands of guests, including numerous Nobel laureates and their families, gathered to partake in the celebrations. Arctic Roe proudly presented its exquisite Swedish Black Caviar, paired with the locally crafted Lisch Vodka from Lidköping.

An Irresistible Culinary Delight

The combination of Arctic Roe's premium caviar with Lisch Vodka proved to be an irresistible treat for the attendees. The caviar tasting continued well into the early morning hours, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Honored to Be a Part of Nobel Nightcap

Arctic Roe is deeply honored to have been invited to such a prestigious event and looks forward to continuing its tradition of excellence in future editions of the Students' Nobel Nightcap.

By participating in these high-profile events, Arctic Roe continues to solidify its reputation as a provider of top-quality delicacies, bringing the rich flavors of Swedish Black Caviar to the world stage.


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