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Rysk Kaviar Till Nyår?  - December 18th 2021

Russian Caviar for New Years? - December 18th 2021

Russian Caviar for New Years?



In the small town of Strömsnäsbruk, located in southern Sweden, the production of Russian black caviar thrives within the premises of an old paper mill. These facilities house approximately 1,200 Siberian sturgeon, producing some of the most exclusive caviar in the world, priced at around SEK 20,000 per kilo. Perfect pairings include New Year's champagne or a glass of Russian vodka.

Inspiration and Investment

The concept, which seemed audacious at first, was brought to life by Torbjörn Ranta, an oil businessman inspired by his work in Russia. After discussing the idea with friends at a Swedish club, he garnered financial support, including from Magnus Modalen, owner of the mill's premises. Through Russian expertise and investments totalling around SEK 20 million, Arctic Roe of Scandinavia was established in 2017.

"Without these large premises, nothing would have happened in Strömsnäsbruk," says site manager Ola Brandt. "We now utilize 1,500 square meters, featuring a lab and 14 pools containing approximately 300,000 liters of water and over 1,200 sturgeons."

In 2018, Arctic Roe of Scandinavia imported 1,000 kilos of mature 10-year-old sturgeon females from Riga, Latvia, to populate their indoor pools, as outdoor farming is prohibited by law due to the species being considered invasive. More sturgeons have been imported in subsequent rounds.

Handling Sturgeons and Regulations

Dealing with these large and strong fish is no easy task. Milking an adult sturgeon, which can weigh up to 30 kilos and measure around one meter, requires four men. It takes several years before they produce their first roe and subsequently only every other year.

Several rules and constant monitoring of the pools are required, including temperature, pH, and oxygen content. The sturgeons are fed specially adapted pellets with the right kind of protein. "It's no easy feat for a trader," admits Brandt. "But it's the excitement that drives us, and several of our shareholders regularly help with management."


RAS Systems and Water Management

The facility is divided in three fish farming sections with different RAS (recirculating aqua systems) that purify and reuse the water. The biological system removes nitrogen from the fish's waste, ensuring clean water circulation in the 14 pools.

Employing a Chef for Flavor

To enhance the flavor of the roe, Arctic Roe of Scandinavia employs a chef, Christian Brauer from Pjätteryd. "I work as a food manager and have many ideas on how to achieve desired flavors and textures. The flavor of the roe can vary from fish to fish, so we always taste each batch in the lab before packaging," explains Brauer. He suggests enjoying the caviar on raw steak or blinis with sour cream for the best experience.




Production Goals and High Demand

In 2020, Arctic Roe of Scandinavia produced over 130 kilos of roe, aiming for 250 kilos this year. Once the roe is harvested, it undergoes preparation including light heating, cooling, rinsing, and salting before being packaged in various sizes ranging from 10 grams to 250 grams.

  • "We have a high demand for our roe, mainly from exclusive restaurants around the country. We have regular customers whose chefs visit to study our process. We strive to build stock and not sell out immediately, so we limit how much each customer can buy," explains Brandt and Brauer.

Locally, residents can purchase caviar at ICA Kvantum in Markaryd, and it’s also served at venues like Ekebacken's conference centre and Toftaholm Herrgard.


Future Plans

"Our goal is to produce a ton of caviar annually once we reach full production. I envision creating a showroom where visitors can enjoy blinis with caviar under crystal chandeliers, sip champagne or vodka from exclusive glasses, and tour the pools," concludes Brandt.

Through innovation and dedication, Arctic Roe of Scandinavia is setting new standards for sustainable and luxurious caviar production, ensuring it remains a treasured delicacy both locally and internationally.


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