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Projekt SALURAS 2019-1921 - October 12th 2022

Project SALURAS 2019-1921 - October 12th 2022

Project SALURAS 2019-1921

Financed through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, EMFF







Within the framework of the project, the association's members have been able to market themselves at the fair Stockholm Food&Wine 2019, by informing about cultivation techniques, products and sales methods.

After this fair, Covid-19 came which made more physical fairs impossible during the project period. The members' websites have been improved and one member has opened a webshop,


The project has worked with labelling according to the Swedish Seal, and one member, AGTIRA, has carried out the entire certification during the project period.


The project has enabled participation and active work to improve future opportunities for aquaculture, both in Sweden and at the EU level.

In Sweden by participating in developing the national strategy and action plan for Swedish aquaculture.



In the EU, partly by participating in the European fish farmers' association, FEAPs, work with lobbying for better conditions where RecirkFisk PO is now the only Swedish representative, ( ).




More EU work has been carried out through active work in the Aquaculture Advisory Council appointed by the EU Commission, which has the task of writing recommendations from the perspective of aquaculture to the Commission and the member states. RecirkFisk PO has, during the project period,
been a focus
group leader for recommendation on " Seaweed " and " Food Security "

Actively participating in recommendations on, among other things, " Aquaculture
”, ” on the ICES Evaluation of the national eel management plans
progress reports , the legal classification of farmed fish waste as manure ” and ”
the setting up of a Fish Welfare Reference Centre . These recommendations and responses from the Commission can be found here,

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