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Forskarna söker svar: Varför passar vitt vin och svart kaviar så bra ihop? - March 19th 2023

The researchers are looking for answers: Why do white wine and black caviar go so well together? - March 19th 2023

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The researchers are looking for answers:

Why Do White Wine and Black Caviar Pair So Well?

The question of why white wine and black caviar complement each other so perfectly is the focus of an intriguing research project. This project will use white wine from Nyhamnsläge and black caviar from Strömsnäsbruk to uncover the underlying reasons behind this celebrated pairing.

"We hope that having independent researchers test it will promote trust and understanding of our rather exclusive product," explains Torbjörn Ranta, CEO of Arctic Roe of Scandinavia.

Through this research, the aim is to scientifically validate and enhance the appreciation of this luxurious combination, providing deeper insights into the sensory and chemical interactions that make it so special.

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Strömsnäsbruk • Published March 19, 2023 • Updated March 28, 2023
White wine and black caviar, a tasty combination.
White wine and black caviar, a tasty combination. Photo: Anders Wiklund/Urban Nilsson

The company operates a sturgeon farm in Strömsnäsbruk where premium black caviar is produced. Meanwhile, at Nyhamnsläge, Kullaberg's Vineyard, managed by K Felix G Åhrberg, specializes in the production of white wine.

Inspired by a study on the combination of oysters and champagne, Åhrberg captivated the interest of Karin Wendin, a professor of food and meal science, for a similar research project.

"We are investigating both the taste and people's perceptions. Additionally, we will conduct extensive chemical analyses to understand the interactions when these products are combined," says Karin Wendin, who is affiliated with Kristianstad University.

Supporting this initiative, the state research council Formas has allocated six million kronor over three years. The project also involves participants from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Örebro University.

Professor Karin Wendin leads the research project, which received six million in grants from the government's Formas..
Professor Karin Wendin leads the research project which received six million in grants from the state government Formas.. Photo: Tommy Svensson

Karin Wendin shares that there are theories about how different flavors interact and what creates a successful combination. These theories may have physiological explanations linked to taste receptors in the mouth and nose, as well as chemical explanations involving the formation of new molecules by different substances.

The insights gained from the research could benefit not only the companies involved but also anyone in the food and beverage industry as well as the pharmaceutical sector.

“There isn't a consumer in the world who buys products they don't think taste good. This research can help us understand what makes something taste good. Can we treat our products in a special way? Should we serve them at a certain temperature?” says Wendin.

"What we wish to achieve is that when people taste a spoonful of caviar, they should be able to understand what the taste sensation consists of." Torbjörn Ranta, CEO Arctic Roe of Scandinavia

Wendin expresses her excitement about conducting research using high-quality Swedish products like wine and caviar.

Torbjörn Ranta from Arctic Roe of Scandinavia is also eagerly anticipating the results.

"Our goal is that when people taste a spoonful of caviar, they will be able to understand the elements that make up the taste sensation. We also hope to underscore the Swedish aspects of sustainability, such as water management, indoor cultivation, and excellent animal health. We believe this will strengthen our brand,” explains Ranta.

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