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CAVIAR TASTING EVENT - January 24th 2019

CAVIAR TASTING EVENT - January 24th 2019

• Roe from sturgeon, is often known as Russian caviar. Roe from Swedish-grown sturgeons has now been tasted for the first time in Växjö.

• - "Making a perfect caviar is about as secret as the recipe for grandma's honey" says Torbjörn Ranta.


Torbjórn Ranta is CEO of Arctic roe of Scandinavia, which is the company that runs the sturgeon farming in Strömsnäsbruk. Yesterday at lunch, he invited about ten restaurateurs and chefs to the first Swedish caviar tasting at PM & Vänner.

- “We are on our way to getting the Swedish Food Agency's permission to start selling the caviar, so right now we are trying to reach out to restaurateurs and private customers” says Torbior Ranta. He tells us that each jar of caviar is unique. There is therefore not a single colour on the small round grains, they can change from black to grey, but mostly black. The saltiness is important for the sake of the taste.

- “We want to find a recipe that appeals to as many people as possible, but it's as difficult as making grandma's honey”, says Torbjorn Ranta. As the Swedish caviar was presented for the first time, so were a series of fish that had not been eaten on land.

- “Indoor fish farming, using recirculating aqua systems are relatively new in Sweden and therefore we have to go out to the market to investigate whether customers want to buy it”, says Peter Eklund from Refarm, an association that works with sustainable Swedish food production. Peter Eklund believes that Swedes want to eat more fish, but that many are afraid of the poisons it can contain.

- “The goal is to reuse disused barnyards and industrial premises to grow fish in them. And I don't think that customers are afraid of new types of fish”, says Peter. But was the main room as impressed as expected? There was a bit of mixed opinion about it in the taste panel.

Impressive as expected? There was a bit of mixed opinion about it in the taste panel.

- “It was a bit salty for my taste, but certainly, caviar is a party item. Much like oysters”, says former kitchen manager Berthold Pack, who believes that new thinking is needed when it comes to the food of the future.

- “Well, caviar is probably not my thing”, says Helene Sjöbäck Carisson from Ryssbygymnasiet.

- “The caviar was good. This is a good start”, says Anders Lauring, executive director of PM & Vänner, and continues:

- “Fish is very important as food,  growing it on land is also good considering our environment”.

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