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Störrom - Now a Swedish luxury dish

Sturgeon or Black Caviar is a world-renowned luxury product, a delicacy. It has been consumed for centuries already by food lovers worldwide. Wild-caught sturgeon basically no longer occurs. Sturgeon roe is a very expensive food product and the price comes from the fact that it takes a long time for the sturgeon fish to mature and give a first harvest. In a stable warm water temperature of +18 to +20 degrees, Siberian sturgeon mature in 6 – 7 years. In nature, with cold water in winter, it takes almost twice as long.

There are 27 different sturgeon species and they come in different sizes. The bigger the fish, the longer the time until the first harvest. If the cost of cultivating the fish for several years is worked out, a high kg price for the caviar is required for the fish farmer to get back his invested money. Arctic Roe is a pioneer in Sweden when it comes to sturgeon farming. We are very proud of our sustainable caviar product and hope it tastes good. Currently, only one species of sturgeon is cultivated in Småland – Siberian sturgeon or in Latin Acipenser Baerii.

Arctic Roe uses no preservatives in its production. The shelf life of caviar is generally 6 months from the production date (best-before) given that the consumer stores their caviar at a maximum of +4 degrees Celsius. The salinity is generally 3.7%.

The fat content is high in sturgeon and therefore it is usually considered less advisable to freeze the caviar. However, it is possible to do so, Arctic Roe believes, as long as it only happens once and with slow thawing via the refrigerator.

Arctic Roe will offer two product versions in a variety of can sizes. The products are called "Arctic Tradition" and "Arctic Pearl". The difference concerns the methods of preparation, where in the first case a light heat treatment is included. In the latter case, Arctic Pearl, an alternative approach is used that is a bit more costly. The price per kg for the two products is therefore slightly different. Even the texture of the rum grains differs slightly and it depends on the individual customer which product version is preferred.

Currently, the Småland sturgeon, Swedish Black Caviar, is sold to restaurants all over Sweden, including several Guide Michelin restaurants and so-called "fine dinings". A small export has also started.

In general, the principle "one fish - one can" is followed. This means that Arctic Roe generally does not mix caviar from different fish in the same jar. On the contrary, the name and production date of the producing fish are on the back of almost every caviar can.


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