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Clean water is central to the quality of sturgeon

Use of water in a fish farm is a very central issue. Firstly, the fishermen themselves need clean water on a daily basis with optimal parameters in terms of oxygen content, temperature, PH and nitrogen. In nature, water purification and water exchange are managed by themselves for the most part via, for example, the river's own flow or the stirring of lake and sea water by the winds. Then oxygen is mixed in and the water reacts. In indoor cultivation, on the other hand, one usually aims for "one water change per hour". This means that the water in all pools is pumped out once an hour and undergoes purification in the purification filters. Arctic Roe currently has 14 large fish pools where the approx. 1,300 fish live. There is around 25 m3 of water in each basin. Around 350,000 liters of water are thus circulated every hour. In one day, that is 8.4 million liters of water. Day after day and year after year. But of the daily water volumes, Arctic Roe only pumps up about 40,000 liters of water (40 m3) from its wells. This means that less than 0.5% of the daily water is used. A recirculating fish farm is therefore very water-efficient

Furthermore, absolutely clean water is required in the food department when the roe has been milked out of the fish and undergoes the preparation process. For regulatory reasons, well water is not used, but municipal drinking water.

Then there are also requirements for the outgoing water in the facility. The same amount is then pumped in daily, i.e. around 40,000 litres. For regulatory reasons, Arctic Roe must minimize emissions of nitrogen and any harmful particles. From this, the company separates the outgoing dirty water from sludge, and then the water is also sterilized before it is sent on to the municipal treatment plant in Markaryd municipality.

It can therefore be said that the water at Arctic Roe is continuously purified at the entrance, at the exit and also when it is inside and working in the fish farm.


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