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Forskare studerar skånskt vin + småländsk svart kaviar - January 30th 2023

Researchers study Scanian wine + Småland black caviar - January 30th 2023

Researchers study Scanian wine + Småland black caviar

Three universities, a Skåne vineyard and a Småland producer of black Siberian caviar have received six million kroner from the state research council Formas. Together, they will find out how and why white and sparkling wines and black caviar go so well together. The hope is to develop methods in the next three years to be able to predict attractive combinations.

Sustainably grown Swedish roe from Arctic Roe
Researchers want to map the interaction between locally produced white/sparkling wine from Kullaberg and black caviar from Strömsnäsbruk.

The sensory experience plays an important role in what we choose to eat and drink. Previous research has shown that food and drink in various combinations can be optimized to create new attractive taste experiences. Last year, among other things, a Danish study on oysters and champagne showed this. Now seven researchers, together with a Scanian winery and a Småland sturgeon producer, will study Swedish locally produced flavor combinations for three years.

- In the first year, we will mainly analyze each product separately and fine-tune our analysis instruments. The next step will be combinations of wine and caviar. Then comes

we also involve sommeliers and winemakers, says Karin Wendin, professor of food and meal science at Kristianstad University and who will lead the study.

"Only when you measure, analyze and observe can we take a step towards change and improvement."

In order to purely chemically understand what is happening, the researchers will also analyze with the help of aromachemical and sensory equipment, so-called GC-O, i.e. gas chromatography coupled to olfactometry. The method will give unique results in how the taste experiences are structured.

- Especially when it comes to complex matter like this, it is important to investigate why. We hope to better understand the interaction between our wines and caviar. Only when you measure, analyze and observe can we take a step towards change and improvement. At present, it is young companies that want to explore what is actually possible, says K Felix G Åhrberg, winemaker and oenologist at Kullaberg's vineyard.

Formas is a government research council for sustainable development and contributes six million kroner to the project. Therefore, sustainability and market research are key factors that complement the sensory methods. The research project is led by Kristianstad University and the other participants are Sweden's University of Agriculture, Örebro University, Kullaberg's winery and Arctic Roe of Scandinavia.

Kickoff for the research project

Tuesday 31 January , Kickoff for the research project

Kullabergs vineyard , north of Höganäs ( directions )



Karin Wendin

Professor of food and meal science,

Kristianstad University

044-250 38 28

K Felix G Åhrberg

Winemaker and oenologist,

Kullaberg's vineyard

0735-28 58 37

Torbjörn Ranta

CEO, Arctic Roe of Scandinavia

 0708-85 55 04

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